Being an Outstanding Team Member


This interactive workshop is designed for members of active teams. It clarifies misconceptions about teams and how they communicate and provides skills to participate in and develop a stronger, more productive team.


  • learn how to support and behave in teams that function at peak performance
  • learn the 5 characteristics of a team and how to make sure they are all healthy for any given team
  • learn where each participant has strengths in team development and support and how to capitalise on this knowledge
  • understand the purpose of the team (organisational or project)
  • measure the team starting point and how it progresses over time
  • develop an initial action plan for the team to enhance performance
  • receive on-going coaching if required

  • a quick pre workshop questionnaire for the participant
  • interactive, problem-solving style workshop
  • agreeing the mission, norms and outcomes of the team
  • brief lecture, learning by example
  • brief lecture, learning by example and planning specific to the team
  • led by a serially successful team lead executive

The workshop starts with personal assessments showing participants their most natural traits when it comes to teamwork. We define the terms and basic building blocks of teamwork, but also dispel myths that are commonly held views but not very helpful. The facilitator keys into these preferred roles of the participants and shows how this knowledge can be used to improve team performance.

Critical to all teamwork is the underlying issue of communication. The communication process is broken down into component parts and each is examined in relation to the building blocks of teamwork, and the individual styles of the participants. The team reaches a (possibly new) consensus on their communication styles and develops a plan to ensure this can remain effective.

Throughout the workshop, participants receive tools to help on their teamwork journey, and there is time allotted to practice them. This programme is supported by a number of online tools that are available to participants following the workshop, including the ability to contact the facilitator for guidance after the workshop ends.

Modules include:
  • introduction to the programme
  • definition and myths
  • why we use teams
  • the role of the leader(s)
  • teamwork in organisational or project roles (as appropriate)
  • the communication process
  • communication and its impact on teamwork
  • teamwork techniques
  • renewing consensus
  • putting it all together
  • staying on track
  • on-going support