Leadership Development - The Good News


This interactive workshop is designed for anyone who needs to become a leader, achieve something great, or expand his or her leadership power. After 35 years of deep, statistical research we can finally say which 16 competencies make a leader, and how you can find out where you stand on the scale. Not the usual leadership development - a highly practical workshop and you’ll leave with a roadmap for progress.


  • to bust the key leadership development myths
  • to give hope to everyone that they have a chance to lead, somewhere
  • to match delegates passion with skill and opportunity
  • to understand that only 16 competencies really matter in leadership
  • to learn where each delegate is on the leadership scale
  • to determine what each delegate needs to develop and what they don’t
  • to instill the attributes and traits of peak performance in the delegates

  • a quick pre workshop questionnaire for the delegate and some of his/her colleagues
  • interactive, problem-solving style workshop
  • agreeing the mission, norms and outcomes of the team
  • some role modelling and peer-to-peer practise
  • brief lecture, learning by example, case studies, pairing delegates
  • led by a serially successful leading executive
  • strong personal development through interactions with the facilitator and other delegates

The good news is that leadership development is much more straightforward than previously thought. No longer are models with 80+ skills necessary. There are only sixteen competencies that make a statistical difference in leadership. And what a difference they make. For example, sales managers in the top 15% of the leadership scale produce double the results of the average managers. Sales managers in the lower 15% lose money.

You no longer need to worry about a multitude of skills to become a leader. What you really need to become an outstanding leader are strengths in five of the sixteen skills, a balance of four super-competencies (made up of the sixteen) and integrity. Add to that passion for a mission, the opportunity for that mission and the appropriate technical skills and you will be leading.

This course does change the way people look at leadership development and offers solutions that contradict some of the older courses out on the market. Come expecting to be challenged. Come expecting to have your mind changed. Come and see how close you already are to being an outstanding leader. A great personal development opportunity.

Modules include:
  • introduction to the programme
  • definition and myths
  • key insights of research
  • the peak performance model
  • what the new insights mean for development effort
  • matching delegate skills to the model
  • personal feedback reports delivery and discussion
  • building an action plan for development
  • summary and references
  • staying on track
  • on-going support