Introduction to Lean Six-Sigma


This interactive workshop is designed for members of management and quality and project practitioners. It clarifies misconceptions about six-sigma and process management, explains the international frameworks for certifications, and provides skills to tailor six-sigma effectively no matter how big or small the organisation.

Public Courses in Guildford, UK and Malta

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  • understand and learn how to make organisational problems visible
  • learn where lean, six-sigma, Kaizen and other techniques can (and can’t) help effectively
  • understanding the voice of the customer(thoughout the organisation)
  • understanding the power of the voice of the employee
  • basic financial calculations to validate improvement contribution
  • basic risk assessment and mitigation
  • outline the value of the certification norms
  • receive on-going coaching if required

  • a quick pre workshop questionnaire for the participant
  • interactive, problem-solving style workshop
  • acronym soup – where and when to use each technique and why
  • brief lecture, learning by example
  • led by a serially successful team lead executive, six-sigma master black belt

Process management as a concept has been in existence almost 100 years and still produces very impressive results when used properly. There are a lot of organisations claiming to use these techniques, but levels of customer service and process predictability for customers demonstrates there is a long way to go yet.

We define the terms and basic building blocks of process management techniques and survey what can be gained from the international standards, but also dispel myths that are commonly held views but not very helpful

There is a section on risk and on simple financial calculations, which are two areas where improvement teams fail to impress management. This will help participants explain their progress and value more effectively. Nothing is more demoralising than working hard on a project that has a great outcome, but others don’t feel it was successful. This situation is totally avoidable.

Throughout the workshop, participants receive tools to help on their process or quality improvement journey, and there is time allotted to practice them. This programme is supported by a number of online tools that are available to participants following the workshop, including the ability to contact the facilitator for guidance after the workshop ends.

Modules include:
  • introduction to the programme
  • definition and myths
  • lean six-sigma today, and where we’ve been
  • voice of the customer
  • voice of the employee
  • eliminating waste
  • reducing errors and defects
  • improving customer experiences
  • service, manufacturing, government, education, healthcare cases
  • better definition of outcome specifications
  • choosing the right improvement method for a given situation
  • the six-sigma “belt” classifications
  • service, manufacturing, government, education, healthcare cases
  • process management fundamentals in context
  • financing and risk
  • overview of quality tools
  • staying on track
  • on-going support