Real World Project Management


This interactive workshop is designed for members of project teams. It clarifies misconceptions about project management, explains the international frameworks for project management, and provides skills to create more productive teams.


  • enrich the team member experience
  • outline the value of the international standards (PRINCE2, PMBOK)
  • learn where assumptions often let us down and the need to validate all ideas and communications
  • understand how to ensure a quality output from your project
  • basic financial calculations to validate your projects contribution
  • basic risk assessment and mitigation
  • receive on-going coaching if required
  • to instill the attributes and traits of peak performance in the delegates

  • a quick pre workshop questionnaire for the participant
  • interactive, problem-solving style workshop
  • some role modelling and peer-to-peer practise
  • brief lecture, learning by example
  • led by a serially successful team lead executive
  • strong personal development through interactions with the facilitator and other delegates

Learning project management is more an apprenticeship over time than the acquisition of skills. The workshop starts with a personal assessment showing participants their most natural traits when it comes to project work. This is the course every experienced project manager wished they had attended when they started.

We define the terms and basic building blocks of projects and survey what can be gained from the international standards, but also dispel myths that are commonly held views but not very helpful. The facilitator keys into the preferred roles of the participants and shows how this knowledge can be used to improve project performance – in the participants’ own projects and in support of other teams.

There is a section on risk and on simple financial calculations. This will help participants explain their progress and value more effectively. Nothing is more demoralising than working hard on a project that has a great outcome, but others don’t feel it was successful. This situation is totally avoidable.

Throughout the workshop, participants receive tools to help on their project journey, and there is plenty of time to practice them. This programme is supported by a number of online tools that are available to participants following the workshop, including the ability to contact the facilitator for guidance after the workshop ends. A great management development opportunity.

Modules include:
  • introduction to the programme
  • definition and myths
  • project performance today, and where we’ve been
  • project quality, in terms of the project itself
  • project quality, in terms of the resultant outcome
  • better definition in outcome specifications
  • project format, project lifecycle choices
  • PMBOK® and PRINCE2
  • project management fundamentals in context
  • project planning and decision making
  • putting it all together
  • project and output quality tools
  • financing and risk
  • staying on track
  • on-going support