Learning and Development Services

Helping build workforce capability since 1996

For over 20 years, we have been helping you, your staff and your organisations perform better. Developing effective learning and development solutions for organisations and growing indivudals day in, day out.
Developing People Inspires Humanity
Organisations - develop individuals within your organisation, so they can become more engaged and more confident. Organisations are realising that a quality learning and development stratregy is a differentiator when hiring and also in employee retention.

We provide individual services up to total solutions for your learning and development strategy.
Individuals - develop your own personal skills, style and traits to become more powerful in your chosen field. Develop and demonstrate your skills while doing something essential for yourself, your company, your government, your community and your family.
How We Help

Advisory Services where a comprehensive learning and development strategy is developed to help you attract and retain the very best people.
Assessments designed to help you assess capabiliites, identify gaps and ensure you have the best developed team possible.
Training Management designed to manage all your learning and development activities as an outsourced service.
Change Management designed to help you modify your learning and development programme to meet the new requirememts.
Programme Management in support of implementing your learning and development strategy.
Facilitation Services when you really need a group to come together on a way forward, a plan or a policy.
Mentoring to guide individuals or teams towards a purpose.
Coaching to work with an indivudal or team to achieve a specific outcome.
Training of individuals, teams or whole organisations on mandatory requirements, essential functions, useful topics and developmental subjects.
member of the Institue of Coaching

Member of the Institute of Coaching