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Helping build workforce capability since 1996 and now focused on small to medium sized business (SMEs).

If your business has 250 employees or less, then how would you like your people to receive five full days of training every year for only £29 a month.

Attract better job applicants, engage your existing staff more effectively, reduce attrition rates.
SME Development Club - £29 per Employee per Month

SMEs that have been accepted as members of our Clubs get five days of "big corporate" quality training and development for less than you normally pay per single class.

We do this by pooling high quality resources and scheduling club member staff efficiently. Not only that, we deliver an annual learning and development plan for every single staff member and our customer service team follows up with them every 90-days to make sure they have benefitted from the development activity.

Each year the topic competency level increases one level. We cover all the essential topics. Call 0191 818 8815 now to find out if you can join a Club near you.
Local Delivery

A big cost of training is often the travel and incidental expenses, plus time off to attend courses in other cities. Not in our Clubs! They are local and everyone can attend without long distance travel or overnight costs.

Our courses are timed to suit the participants. For example, if we have a group who normally works the evening shift, then our class will be timed to meet their needs. For SMEs that require 7 day a week working, we will meet that need.
Lots of Options!

Need less than five days? More? Want additional topics? No problem, we will provide a quote to meet your exact needs, all delivered in the same top quality, highly efficient manner. You can even accelerate staff going to higher competency levels in less than a year.

As members of our Club, your staff can get involved in other activities to assist in their learning and development with fellow club members - for example working groups, discovery groups - all intended to enhance their learning experience and increase their value to your business.
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