Learning & Development Strategy

Overview Determine the right path for your organisation's future and to make sure the path is followed.
Importance The importance of strategic vision and the link to learning and development cannot be overstated. Are your learning and development options for staff meeting your current needs? Are they effective and developing the right comnpetencies? Are there any activities no longer fit for purpose?
Establishment Establishing the learning and development programme requires a complete and continual survey of the competencies required in your organisation. Keeping it up-to-date is a major undertaking. We facilitate the process of developing and maintaining a learning and development strategy, either with you, or for you. Using a number of world renowned models of excellence in organisational capability and maturity, we help you decide the best path and the required pace of change.
Deployment Deploying a learning and development strategy does not come alive until all central and business unit strategies are aligned across the organisation and the various providers of learning and development activities align with them. Whether you use your own staff, or outsourced suppliers, they have to understand the link to your business strategy, not just deliver a course or use a genric coaching method.
Adoption Adoption is the process where the learning and development strategies deliver the change you need to achieve your organisational vision. Staff value good traingin, coaching and other learning exepriences, but they value them even more when they know it helps them contribute more effectively in their work. Testing the effectivenss of any learning and development activitiy is essential to justify continuation.