Strategic Support

  Determine the right path for your organisation's future and to make sure the path is followed.
Importance The importance of strategic vision cannot be overstated. It is making a determination on the direction an organisation should take for several years forward. It can be to grow, merge, divest, transform or turnaround and more. We recognise that the knowledge and passion to determine strategic direction exists substantially within the organisation itself. However there is a need to maintain an unbiased perspective with deep industry knowledge that can be brought to bear to facilitate the organisation through the process and to constructively challenge perceptions.
Establishment Establishing the strategy requires a complete survey of the industry and market, both for the private or public-sector. Within that market view fits the desires or mandate of the organisation - whether driven by shareholders, members, government bodies or any other chartering group. We facilitate the process of determining what the strategy should be. Using a number of world renowned models of excellence in organisational capability and maturity, we help you decide the best path and the required pace of change.

The result is a well defined, simple and understandably stated goal - the North Star of your strategy.
Deployment The strategy does not come alive until all central and business unit strategies are aligned across the organisation. Using a set of strategic tools combined with expert facilitation, we help all entities within your organisation understand and internalise the strategy. Interalising is essential as everyone involved needs to understand where the North Star is and how to ensure they are working towards it. This includes making sure all staff, at every level, understand their role in the strategy and understand how they will be supported to achieve it.
Adoption Adoption is the process where the organisation achieves the strategy and keeps it up-to-date, after all market conditions change not when we want them to, but constantly. Using a proven tool-set, we assist you in determining exactly how well the change is occuring and how fast. Organisational capability will not be even and we assist identifying the areas that need more encouragement or coaching to achieve their parts of the strategy. Meanwhile our industry experts are keeping an eye on changes in your industry vertical that could deflect your strategy.