A facilitator engages with a group of people to understand and make explicit their common objectives. Once determined, the facilitator assists the group to plan how they will achieve these objectives. Our team has been able to help organisations solve issues that have been discussed repeatedly with no resolution and to reach agreements on long outstanding issues. Because our facilitators have no direct interest in the outcome, their only interest is that you achieve your objectives.
The facilitator remains a "neutral" person and will not take a particular position in the discussion, rather their role is to elicit the best ideas the assembled group has to offer. There are a number of facilitation tools that can also be applied. These tools assist the group achieve a consensus on any disagreements that already exist, or that emerge during the session. Effective use of these tools by a skilled facilitator will ensure a strong basis for future action is established.
Our facilitators most commonly support:
Offsite Days Product Design Strategy Planning Executive Consensus
Scenario Planning Team Building Problem Solving Special Events
Our teams expertise in facilitation covers a broad range of industries and topics. What is most important in a facilitator is their flexibility and our team members have demonstrated amazing flexibility over the past 15 years.

We offer:
  • corporate, community, military and government experience
  • facilitators who are experts with senior executives, middle management, staff, project and youth groups
  • a flexible approach where the facilitation path is determined jointly before the session
  • a wider range of processes and tools to fit your specific needs, all agreed before your session
  • support prior to the session in terms of session design, participant selection and topic evaluation
  • support after the session to ensure action items agreed are being accomplished
To find out more, please tell us your name, how to contact you, and in which city you would like to hold the facilitated session.