Learning & Development Support

  How We Help
Achievement Academy Where indiviudals and staff from small to medium sized organisations come together in facilitated workshops, supported by online modules after the event.
Advisory Service Where a comprehensive learning and development strategy is developed to help you attract, engage and retain staff.
Assessments Where we assess competencies, identify gaps and help establish learning and development plans.
Training Management Where we manage all your learning and development activities as an outsourced service.
Change Management Where we help you modify your learning and development activities to meet a new need, such as a new product or new strategy.
Programme Management Where we support the implementation of your new learning and development strategy.
Facilitation Service Where we provide independent facilitators trained to work with your teams to achieve a difficult transition or solve a tough problem.
Mentoring Where we guide teams or individuals towards a purpose, based on our experience.
Coaching Where we work alongside teams or individuals to achieve a specific outcome.
Training Where we work with teams or entire organiations to meet mandatory requirements, or specific developmental needs.
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