Organisation Member Benefits

Organisational members of the Achievement Academy receive an amazing array of benefits, including learning created through your staff members working with others they meet in the program.

Here are some of the benefits your organisation can benefit from:
  • Practical content, that can be applied as soon as staff return to the workplace
  • Guaranteed number of training days for each member of your staff each year
  • Comprehensive learning and development plan for each of your employees every year with a master plan for your organisation
  • Person-to-person follow-ups with our service coaches for every course your staff have been on to make sure they are able to use what they learned and to assist them with any difficulties they might be having. (Performed at 90, 180 and 270 day intervals)
  • Opportunities for your staff to participate in development activities that do not include traditional training
  • Multiple methods of learning - including facilitator-led workshops, online courses, experiential simulations, visits to world-class companies, practice groups, research and discovery groups and many more
  • Classes in emerging technologies or industries, built and tailored to your strategy
To find out more about being an Organisational member of the Achievement Academy, contact us for a confidential review of your needs at 0191.818.8815