Major Transformation

Overview Determine the new competencies and attributes required to make a dramatic change in your organisations operation and success.
Importance You are transforming, by choice or not. Is your learning and development programme going to meet your new needs, or keep people mired in the past? How effective are learning interventions to make the conversion in the time required? Are there any activities that will (or should) become no longer fit for purpose?
Establishment Modifying the learning and development programme to meet the needs of a dramatic change needs to be quick, effective and prove itself able to deliver the new skills. The organisation will tend to stick with what it knows. With everything else you have to manage in a major transformation, it makes sense to bring in an expert who can give you an objective viewpoint and plan.
Deployment Obtaining the right new learning activities in time to meet your needs can be a daunting prospect, yet without it your people will be marching to the old tunes much longer than you need. Rapid deployment of alternative learning interventions, forms of learning, and sometimes a complete change of suppliers needs to be programme managed to a tight schedule. Leave that with a partner who does this regularly and who already has the relationships to bring in the right level of quality learning.
Adoption As with any learning system, adoption of new competencies and attributes to support transformation needs to show the learning interventions were effective. Rapid and frequent test and retest to determine effectiveness is essential to support the transformation taking hold. You can develop tools to help you do this, or use a partner with experience in achieving, and reacting to this rapid testing method.