Recovery & Turnaround

Overview When you need to recover an organisation or make a rapid turnaround, the competencies and traits of your people can make all the difference.
Importance Survival of your organisation is paramount. When faced with the need to recover (from a serious event) or turnaround (for performance or finance) your existing learning and development strategy may not be of much help. It might even have been a part cause. How quickly can you adjust and deliver to new learning needs? How effective are your existing learning offerings at meeting the immediate need? How quickly can you source the right people and the right learning?
Establishment Reacting quickly, but comprehensively is not an easy task. A new, or modified learning and development strategy is needed in short order. An experienced partner can help fill in the gaps quickly through their existing relationships and capabilities. They can also test and retest to see the short term learning solutions are delivering. Also, some of the skills your people will need will be (hopefully) only short-term.
Deployment Obtaining the right new learning capability in time to meet your needs can be a daunting prospect, yet without it your people will be marching to the old tunes much longer than you can afford. Rapid deployment of alternative learning interventions, forms of learning, and sometimes a complete change of suppliers needs to be programme managed to a tight schedule. Leave that with a partner who does this regularly and who already has the relationships to bring in the right level of quality learning.
Adoption Adoption of new skills may require learning new skills, improving existing skills more quickly than planned and dropping learning that no longer meets the need. Rapid and frequent test and retest to determine effectiveness is essential to support the turnaround. It is almost impossible to develop tools to do this in-house. Using a partner with experience in achieving, and reacting to this rapid testing method is essential.