Motivating Different Generations

Newcastle-upon-Tyne 09:00 - 12:30 FULL January 2020 20 February 2020 16 March 2020 20 April 2020
Alnwick, Northumberland 13:30 - 17:00 19 February 2020 18 March 2020 22 April 2020  
Middlesbrough 13:30 - 17:00 20 February 2020 20 March 2020 24 April 2020  

Workshop Overview
It is impossible not to notice that different generations have different viewpoints, but it is much more than viewpoints that differ.
When we are aware of the attributes of each generation, we can be much more powerful in communicating, engaging and motivating them, whether it is at work or in the community.
Workshop Highlights
  • to explain how generational 'norms' are formed
  • to break down the key attributes of difference among generations
  • to give individuals a model with which to communicate and motivate more effectively
  • to learn the seven attributes that are common among generations
  • to give participants a set of individual characteristics of each generation
  • learn the four items you must consider before asking for help or assigning work
Workshop Outcomes
  • reduce inter-generational conflict
  • increase relationship strength by using the common values of all generations
  • understand how other generations "tick"
  • make assigmnets more enjoyable and welcome to a given generation
  • build stronger multi-generational relationships
  • overcome serious challenges with broader input
  • reduce conflict cause by misunderstanding viewpoints
Workshop Format
  • interactive, problem-solving style half-day or two-evening workshop
  • brief lecture, learning by example and case studies
  • some role modelling and peer-to-peer practise
  • work book to guide additional study
  • one-to-one support following workshop
Workshop Modules
  • attributes of various generations
  • benefits of understanding generational viewpoints
  • the power of multi-generational teams
  • motivating by designing assignments
  • the four key questions for multi-generational consideration
  • daily practice techniques
  • summary and references
  • staying on track
  • on-going support