Customer Loyalty

“Customer satisfaction is worthless, customer loyalty is priceless!” — Jeffrey Gittomer

“We will do what we do so well that people who see us will want to see us again, and bring friends!” — Walt Disney

Anyone can satisfy a customer...your competitors do it every single day. Satisfaction cannot be your service goal...loyalty is the name of the game.

Vision Achievement is proud to bring you this award winning programme from VisionBound International in the United States to anywhere in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Building loyal customers requires a much different mindset, skill set and toolset. Our system changes all three.

We provide powerful, hands-on tools for building loyal customers tailored to your unique market. It is even more powerful when united with leadership development because it requires great leadership to sustain it.

Great customer loyalty is created and sustained by personable, skilled people working in the right systems. (In fact, most customer problems are system related, rather than people related.)

programmes are built to meet your unique needs. Ideally we begin at the top strategic level and explore the culture and the systems needed to make lasting change. We can conduct surveys and focus groups to determine the main attack points.

From there, we offer workshop solutions to leaders and staff at all levels, instilling and practicing the skills they need to revolutionise the customer experience.

After completing the high level strategic work we recommend each member of staff experience a four hour workshop that provides useful, concrete skills for how they can put their unique “fingerprint” on the customer experience. They also learn how to deal with difficult customers. We encourage managers and executives to also attend this. We then provide an additional four hour session to all managers on what they can do to sustain the new concepts and reinforce and reward the new skills. Also, how to build a true customer-centric team.

Materials and Format: Each delegate will receive a multi-page handout packet for each seminar that provides numerous helpful tools and ideas. Best of all, they receive a deck of 31 small Hot-tip cards and a series of Quick-tip cards that provide a ready-reference to all the specific skills they can use to delight the customer. We use a vibrant PowerPoint presentation and many energising activities to illuminate your team. We guarantee no one will be bored!

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