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Martin Hedley
picture of founder of the forum
Founding Member
Martin has over 35 years experience in commerce, government and entrepreneurial endeavours and has operated in a leadership position for over 20 years. An empowering leader, coach and mentor, he has guided many future leaders to the pinnacle of their careers. Martin's experience includes global commercial corporates in the Airline and Finance industries. Many of his endeavours have involved multi-cultural projects that cross the globe.
Giles Watkins
Executive Member
Giles has over 30 years international experience in sales and business development with major corporations such as Shell, Coats and McKinsey. He has led several successful market entries, start-ups and divestments in countries such as Vietnam, Sri Lanka, China and Indonesia among others. He has been mentoring and coaching senior executives, assisting with sales strategy development and developing leaders in multi-national organisations and earned an Executive Masters in Coaching and Consulting for Change at INSEAD. With a track record for profit growth and deep insight into the cultural challenges of global teams, Giles brings to us an unparalleled ability to coach in business development, strategy and sales.
Kevin Rennie
Executive Member
Kevin started in the UK Civil Service in the Department of Education and Skills. He left for private industry after 10 years delivering IT Advisory services for KPMG and moved on to healthcare consulting after that with major consulting houses. He has charity executive experience having led the development of Prostate Cancer UK and now delivers both executive consulting in healthcare, together with coaching and mentoring in leadership and peak performance.
Shahid Afzal
Executive Member
Shahid spent the majority of his early career in financial services in the Middle East and Africa. His many roles at Citibank and Saudi American Bank (SAMBA) started in IT, progressing to software engineering, quality assurance culminating in his roles as Quality Director for SAMBA and Programme Manager of the Year 2000 project. Afterwards he used his leadership insight and capability in innovation, business continuity and product cross-sell initiatives. In these roles, and later as a director of a mjaor Bahraini consulting house, he has coached and mentored many people in business and community who have now progressed to leading positions in their areas of expertise.
Zaher Hammouda
Executive Member
Zaher has spent over 30 years in the banking field. He was Senior Vice President and Regional Director for Citibank’s Cash Management Business in the Middle East Africa Region from 1983 to 1988; and for Asia Pacific until 1993 when he became Senior Vice President for Central, Eastern and Western Europe; working for one of the divisions of Citibank’s Credit Card Business. In 1998 he was appointed as the Middle East & South Asia Division’s Marketing Head for the Corporate Bank; and Quality Director. Since taking early retirement in 1999, he has been providing consulting services, and holds executive and non-executive directorships across Asia and the Middle East.
Sujatha Das
Senior Member
Sujatha is a versatile thought leader, a trusted advisor & partner in organisational learning with over 25 years of successful strategic and tactical leadership within IT, ITES and Finance. Her collaborative style and ability to drive results helps our participants focus on the few leadership skills that will make a difefrence for them. She is passionate about learning and growing. Sujatha's experience includes global corporates and she has had developemnt responsibility across India for a major global bank.
Derrick McEachern
Senior Member
Derrick has enjoyed a long career in coaching and counselling. His speciality in coaching and mentoring leaders is in handling stress and work life balance - a major component of leadership and a critical set of skills to have. He coaches emerging leaders to have a greater sense of purpose, meaning and focus in work and life, developing healthier, more productive habits. Derrick helps our members resolve problems and relieve suffering through greater self-compassion and to achieve a greater balance by having clear goals in all areas of wellbeing.
Santosh Vijay
Senior Member
Santosh has used his engineering and business skills in the healthcare industry, creating cutting edge software and machines. The teams he has led have crossed borders worldwide. He believes that leadership is the art of unlocking other’s potential to become better and that true leaders don’t create followers … they create more leaders. He will be working with our participants to help them with their leadership skills so they in turn grow others to become leaders.
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