Individual Member Plan

Achievement Academy for Individuals

Individual members receive three full days of training every year for only £19 a month.
Perform better at work, enhance life skills, prepare yourself your next career step.
Receive three days of "big corporate" quality training and development for less than you would normally pay per single class. You will also get a personal learning and development plan.
We cover a very wide and expanding set of topics, but most importantly these topics are aligned with your lifetime or career aspirations.
Call 0191 818 8815 now to find out if you can join an Achievement Academy location near you.

Local Delivery

A big cost of training is often the travel and incidental expenses, plus time off to attend courses in other cities. Not in our Achievement Academy! There are local hubs and you can attend without long distance travel or overnight costs.

Our courses are timed to suit the participants. We do have weekend and evening workshops for popular topics.
Lots of Options!
Need more or less days per year? Want additional topics? No problem, we have different plans to meet your exact needs, all delivered in the same top quality, highly efficient manner. You can even accelerate going to higher competency levels in less than a year.
With our Achievement Academy, you can get involved in collaborative learning or discovery programmes independently from your work, which allows you to learn more deeply and right at the time you need it.