Online Learning

Online Learning (eLearning) can be very powerful when used effectively. We use online learning to reinforce, remind, and delve deeper into given aspects of a training subject. Evidence shows us that adults learn new topics best when presented as a framework of ideas, linked together by an expert facilitator. The detailed learning occurs when the participant actually has to use the new skills. That can be some time after the workshop. Topical, short refresher modules are designed to keep the learning alive.
  • Short, to the point, detailed
  • Track your Progress
  • Learn whenever you want
  • Learn wherever you have internet access
  • Simulations
  • Examples
  • Diagrams
  • Quizzes
When you need a reminder, or you need to look into an aspect of a skill you learned about before, our short online learning modules are ideal. They are not "converted Powerpoints" but are fun and engaging ways of looking at something in detail right at the time you need to use that skill.

We make online learning a bit more fun with our reward points that demonstrate your dedication to continuous learning.